About Us

Here at TimTech, our goal is to provide professional solutions at reasonable prices. No matter what it is we’re doing, we aim for 100% honesty – it’s simply the best policy. Feel free to ask questions or share any concerns with us; we can find a plan that fits your needs and is right for your budget. However, most of our work is given out freely. Read on to find out more about us:


We are an organization that specializes in providing the cheapest and most reliable services available.


Although we are not a non-profit organization, money is not our priority; we donate 20% of our gross income to charity. We also value our customers highly, and our jobs are managed reliably and efficiently.


What can we do for you? It depends on what you need. Why don’t you take a look at what we offer:

  • Artificial Neural Networks – Custom neural networks fitted to your needs, either on a range of devices through Java or on integrated hardware
  • Bitcoin and friends – Learn and get started with Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin at stable prices, store/transfer/sell Bitcoin, get help with mining, or learn about other cryptocoins
  • Data Storage – Back up files starting from $0.01/GB/mo. or host files online for just $0.05 per GB downloaded
  • Music – We can compose for you, find you royalty-free music online, or give you tips on how to make quality music yourself
  • Video game creation – DirectX, PhysX, OpenGL, 3D, 2D, RPG, FPS, Unity, Neoaxis, Game Maker Studio
  • Expert programming – Java, C++, C#, TI-Basic, GML, Ruby, Python, iX3, Lua, JavaScript, etc.
  • Web hosting – Cheap webservers or enterprise-grade solutions
  • Program decompiliation/runtime modification – Address memory sectors, find starting points, recover lost source code, convert Assembly to C, etc.
  • Database management – Help creating, modifying, hosting, or querying databases
  • Supercomputing – Help with finding parallel computing hardware/software, and making it work